Oct 1: Sad*Crab Radio at Celeste Vienna, 8pm

Nov 23 - Nov 29: Plateau Vienna, tba

Sept 16 + Oct 21: ZeichnenXMusik at MKH Wels
Lisa Braid

Oct 1: Sad*Crab Radio at Celeste Vienna, 8pm, Tickets

Nov 23 - Nov 29: Exhibition at Plateau Vienna, more details tba

Sept 16 + Oct 21: Zeichnen X Musik at MKH Wels 


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Lisa Braid (*1996) is a visual artist and musician based in Vienna, Austria. Currently she is studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna in the class for contextual painting. In 2023 she graduated in Art and Communication Practices and Textiles - Free, Applied and Experimental Artistic Design (BA) at the University of Applied Arts,Vienna
She makes music under the name lisa laser.

in 2022 she co-founded  HUFE (formerly Kollektiv Zirkusgasse together with Val Holfeld, Ju Aichinger, Philomena Jobe, Isabelle Edi, Carli Biller and Mathea Magdalena. The collektiv has been running the artist-run space Zirkusgasse 38 since April 2023. Their practice is to organizes and curates exhibitions, workshops and readings, most recently the exhibition e "New Dates-New Bar" (11.05.2023 - 08.06.2023). Within the performative context, Lisa Braid most recently designed the set for the piece "Behind My Four Walls, I Call You My Friend", by performance artist and choreographer Veza Fernandez (December 2022 Brut Vienna, Mollusca Productions). In July 2022 she released her debut album “This is A Movie” on tamtam recordings. She participated as curator and artist in the exhibition "What Are You Looking At" at the Exhibit Eschenbachgasse gallery (October 2022). In 2021 she exhibited works at Parallel Vienna, among five students from the contextual painting class. Together with the artist Ju Aichinger she conceived and realized her exhibition "First Solo Show Together" at Verein Fortuna in Vienna (October 2022).