Lisa Braid 
    *18.08.1996 /  artist based in Vienna and Upper Austria. 

    Lisa Braid developed unique means of creating rather early on in her creative course.
    Her repertory is comprised of a diverse range of formats that include sketches, drawings, paintings and digital illustrations as well as the utilization of a multitude of materials. Furthermore she expands into experiments with music, video art, photography and textiles. An upbringing in a small town in the countryside of Austria along with the move to Vienna wields great influence on her artistic activities. She lets these inspirations flow organically into her work and combines them with nostalgia and a portion of humor.
    Having worked as a guard at the same museum where her work was displayed, the topic of contrasts, contradictions and decisions one has to face currently plays a major role in her artistic practice.

    currently studying:

    Contextual Painting
    at the Universtiy of fine arts, Vienna

    Art and Communication Practices & textil - Free,
    Applied and Experimental Artistic Design
    at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna

    exhibitions (past):
    07.10.: group exhibtion, DARKNESS, Wiener Prater
    07.09. - 14.09.: Parallel Vienna 2021
     12.05. - 15.05.: group exhibition, grafik meets contextual painting, bureau veritas, at Schillerplatz, Vienna

    ❥ 15. - 18. 10.: group exhibition with coll.nolovesong, Possibly Maybe, Improprer Walls, Vienna

     group exhibition, Cutes Zeugs Ausstellung (working title lol), Büro Kocsis &Kocsis GmbH, Vienna

    ❥ group exhibition,  NO ONE TOLD ME, Improprer Walls, Vienna, AT

    ❥ Wer ist dichter in der Quarantäne, Online-show, Vienna, AT

    ❥ Rundgang, Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien, Augasse 2-6 Vienna, AT

    Postapokalyptische Geste , mumok Kinoabend, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Viennea, AT  

    Rasttage, Universitär für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna, AT,  
    Einmal hin, und wieder zurück, Jahresausstellung der Künstler_innengilde, Eferding, AT  

    Hinein , WUK, AT Gruppenausstellung
    Kultiviert und Ungeniert,  Tacheles, Vienna, AT