thing of the month



August 2022: 
The pencil holder sculpture I made at school and thought it was really cool (back then).
by Sarah Braid

July 2022: Kerzenkerze
by Eva Hermann

June 2022: ich war in einer Ausstellung und das einzige das blieb war das gras am Nachhauseweg 
by Isabella Bock

May 2022: broom broom folders
by Vivian Chiu Tseng

April 2022: Auslage in Arbeit 
by Marcus Wagner 

March 2022: Trip down Memory Lane- Ding
by Alexandra Rodriguez

February 2022: my grannies cyborg knee
by Lena Kuzmich

January 2022: “gläserturm” by Marietheres Reichegger


december 2021: “Sophias italian brohug” by Simon Schneider 

november 2021: “egg poacher” by Sophia Mara Egger-Karlegger 

october 2021: “offizielle ringrose” by Ju Aichinger

september 2021: “nose stone” by Paul Seipel 

august 2020: “frosch stifte set” by Lisa Braid


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